1. Why such limited hours?
After years of experience and observing how our patients tolerated dental procedures, it was blatantly obvious that they did best in the mornings. This has been confirmed in pediatric dental research. Amazingly, that is when we are at our best.

2. Is Dr. Eberhardt retiring soon?
As long as I am fortunate enough to make a contribution to the children of our practice in a positive way, am physically and mentally able, I have no intentions of discontinuing what I enjoy. Of course, that time will come and we have excellent colleagues that we will recommend. An associate also may be invited to work in our practice.

3. Is Dr. Eberhardt always this energetic?

4. Why do we continue to use amalgam (silver) fillings?
Having a cavity “filled” is no party- especially for kids. Amalgam fillings are safe, fast and reliable. One of the keys to our success is brevity – short procedure – and not having to repeat the procedure due to breaking or cracking of the filling. They almost last forever and we have seen the results for over forty years! In some instances, we can do “white fillings” on permanent teeth that are good candidates for them.

5. Why do we not use laughing gas or sedation?
The procedures that we do for your child are minimally invasive and are best treated in our hands using beneficial, accepted behavior management methods. We do not want the child to experience the side effects of nitrous oxide, and when we have completed the procedure, we want the child to walk/run out happy!

6. Why does the parent stay in the reception area when the children go into the clinical room?
The research explains that by age three, most children can be easily separated from a parent for a short procedure without undue anxiety. As we specialize in children, we can do this. It also allows the child a “one – on – one” with us without distractions, not to mention enhancement to your child’s self-esteem!

7. Do we do clear braces or invisalign?
No. The stainless steel brackets are easier to clean. Invisalign appliances are wonderful when used 24 hours/day. My experience in the 70 – 80’s with removable orthodontic appliances was tepid at best. We prefer to treat 12 – 18 months and be done. The advantages of shorter treatment time are numerous, not to mention that it’s healthier for the teeth and gums.

8. Who answers after hours phone calls?
Susan is Dr. Eberhardt’s middle daughter. She has been a part of our office for seven years. Even though she lives in New York, she can remotely access our office computers. She can schedule appointments and answer your questions. Susan has four children, so she knows the importance of every call and your time. She can also get in touch with her dad quickly!

9. What is Dr. Eberhardt’s thoughts on teeth whitening/bleaching?
Everything in moderation. Overuse of bleaching products are not good in the long term for your gums and enamel, but occasional use can give you a brighter smile.

10. What insurance companies does your office participate with?
We will be happy to file your dental claims for you. Dr. Eberhardt is considered an out – of – network provider. Depending on your insurance plan would determine these benefits. Please contact your insurance company to find out your coverage and any questions you may have for them.

Our practice thrives on your telling someone about us. We do no advertising because we realize that our best patients come from our best patients. Thank you in advance.