Parent Testimonials

I was so worried about how my daughter would handle everything. I was pleased at how pleasant everyone made her visit. She was not afraid to come back again!
—Savannah D.

My daughter never cried or protested and always came out smiling and so proud of herself.
—Katie S.

My children are grown now. You saw them from 1982-1992. They still remember you with fond memories. You made going to the dentist fun for them. At their request I am sending you a picture of the three of them showing their wonderful smiles. They are parents now. I wish I could fly up to Georgia just to take the grand kids there! This letter and picture is a testimony to your professionalism,care, and affection you give your patients.
—Chris B.

We have truly enjoyed coming to your office over the years. It has always been a joy to come in and that’s not usually felt at other dentist offices!!! You office exudes happiness from the first step into the door to the final hug at the end of the appointment by Dr.Eberhardt himself!!! The positive role model you have always been in my families life is truly a blessing. We feel honored to have you as her dentist. Thank you for using your gifts to bless our family.
—Sheri V.

I have known you since “day one” of your dental practice. You and your faithful staff make you the best dental group…period! 
—Sissy S.

My son fell off his bike one evening and broke both of his top front teeth. My first instinct… call the dentist! Since it was after hours, I assumed that it would be a long process of calling an answering service, leaving a message, and waiting hours for someone to call us back. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Eberhardt’s own daughter answered the phone. She was so polite and helpful. She quickly contacted Dr. Eberhardt and he called us back within minutes. What a relief to be able to talk to the people you know and trust immediately when an emergency situation hits! I am happy to report that Dr. Eberhardt and his staff fixed my son’s front teeth and they look perfect!
—Melissa E.

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