Patient Testimonials

It means a lot that you put a rush order on my retainer. I will keep better track of this one. I’m sorry I lost my first one. Thank you.


Thank you for all the years you put up with me. Thank you for your kindness and making the braces fun. 

My braces were conversation starters. People who noticed them would ask about them. 

Having braces gave me incentive to brush better. 

I liked getting to pick a bunch of different colors to on my braces. 

Colors made the braces fun. 

Not eating apples or corn normally was worth it once the braces were off. 

The blue rubber bands matched my prom dress. 

Braces kinda made me more responsible. 

I always felt like the orthodontist knew what was going on with me. 

I liked the good service. 

I’m not afraid to smile now! 

I’m glad I got braces because now my teeth look GREAT! 

I liked the seats (that massage you). 

I love it here. I always feel welcome and comfortable. 

I obviously like it here. I’ve been coming for like 12 years or maybe more. 

I actually love coming at 6:30 am. 

I love my awesome smile! 

Thanks for fixing my jammed tooth. 

The people here are really nice. 

Getting the whitening kit was great! 

Dr. Eberhardt is very fun. 

My teeth look better and feel healthier. 

I want to be a dentist when I’m older. 

Dr. Eberhardt rocks!