Why We’re Classic

clas•sic—adj. 1. Belonging to the highest rank or class. 2. Serving as the established model or standard. 3. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

Sometimes new isn’t always best. Some thoughts and principles stand the test of time. We are “classic” because we have learned, over years of practice, what is the best way to treat the dental and orthodontic needs of our patients—all of whom are children.

Here are just a few of Dr. Eberhardt’s “classic” principles:

  • Treatment Presentation: We attempt to tell you what the “problem” is and why we choose a particular treatment—the choices, side-effects, benefits, risks, costs and our bias.
  • Einstein on “intangibles”: What counts can’t always be counted, what can be counted, doesn’t always count.
  • We love feedback: It’s the “breakfast of champions.” Tell us how we can do better!
  • Early orthodontic treatment philosophy
    • Leave things alone, remedies often worsen evils
    • Let nature take its course…in most cases.
    • Wise physicians know when to prescribe and when not to. And sometimes it takes skill not to apply remedies.
    • It takes little to muddy a stream. You can’t make it grow clear by stirring things up—only by leaving things alone. 
    • Beware of falling into a paradigm of “more treatment is better treatment.” Less is usually more.
    • Early orthodontic treatment can sometimes be a trap!
  • Clark Howard, the consummate consumer chose our office for his daughter’s treatment: Okay, it helped that Clarke’s wife had been one of  our patients!
  • Principle of minimalization: We do our best to do as little treatment as possible—no aggressive treatment here!
  • I get a lot of credit for being the “pilot” of the plane but of course I couldn’t do anything without my “ground crew!”
  • Multiple studies have proven that children do better for their dental visits in the morning: Hence, 90% of our appointments are in the morning. This approach has worked incredibly well for our patients. Before school appointments are by far our most popular and when possible, we go there first.
  • Every day is “game” day here:  That’s why we can only do up to 3 per week!